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Tempel Lipizzan Anniversary

Celebrating Tempel Farm's 50th Anniversary in 2008!

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Lipizzan Fans Gather For Celebration

On July 26 and 27, Lipizzan-lovers from around the world gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Tempel Lipizzans’ arrival in America. Imported from Austria’s state stud farm by Chicago industrialist Tempel Smith, the world-renowned Lipizzan stallions have been a Lake County treasure since the summer of 1958.

Introduced Newest Lipizzan Imports

Anniversary celebrations included the introduction of three of the newest international imports. The import of these horses from Austria and Hungary continues today to maintain the original bloodlines and breeding program at Tempel Farms. Renate Eccher of Austria introduced Maestoso Betosta, a 2-year-old Lipizzan stallion given to the Tempel Lipizzans as a symbol of friendship by her and her husband, Franz. Christian and Dorothea Manz, Lipizzan owners from Austria, led the other two imports into the arena in front of an audience that included former staff and close friends of the Tempel Lipizzans.

Driving Program Overseen by Guest Driver
Additionally this summer, the Tempel Lipizzan driving program has been overseen by Goran Grizak, a guest driver from the Croatian state stud farm in Djakovo. Goran will stay at Tempel Farms for a total of six months. Highlights of the anniversary performance included a six-horse Quadrille, two carriages in the carriage segment and the new horses’ introduction. (Goran Grizak pictured below)