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Tempel Lipizzan Mares and Foals

Dressage Training

Tempel Farms Dressage Training Center opened in the 1980s. It is a premier facility where serious dressage riders can visit with their horses and train with an internationally recognized clinicians and riders. The stable and indoor arena are heated, and there are several outdoor arenas and areas to ride around the property. Tempel’s facility cultivates a positive atmosphere with an emphasis on teamwork while helping horses and riders to achieve their full potential in the show ring.


Trainers at Tempel Lipizzans


Master Coach Conrad Schumacher

Tempel Lipizzans has been fortunate to host Conrad Schumacher, the renowned Olympic coach and clinnician for over 20 years at Tempel Farms. In 2013, he began oversight of our training program, serving in the position of Master Coach. Mr. Schumacher comes to Tempel Farms 4 times each year to set goals for our classical dressage training. In addition, he advises on choreography for our public exhibitions.

Trainer Eliza Ardizzone

Eliza Ardizzone is a USDF Gold and Silver Medalist. She graduated the USDF “L” Judge program with distinction. She has 30 years of experience training horses and instructing students from Austria to Germany to England and here in the United States. She is ever committed to improvement in riding and training in clinics with World Class trainers from Lars Peterson to Conrad Schumacher and several Olympic Dressage riders. She started as a trainer at Tempel Lipizzan in early 2011. 

Trainer Antonio Joao Garcia Soares

Antonio Garcia spent the early part of his professional career working at the Escola Portuguesa de Art Equestre (the Portuguese Riding School) where he learned the classical foundations for the Airs Above the Ground and Work in Hand. He has also competed, coached and trained in dressage at national and international levels while living in Brazil. He served as the official coach for the Brazilian National Federation for Junior and Young Riders and was the Dressage Director of State Dressage Federation.

Trainer Ted Goad

From 1985 to 1995 Ted owned and ran a 40 stall training barn in Clarkston, MI.  During this time he trained several horses to the F.E.I. level and competed though Grand Prix.  In 1990, he was first alternate to the Olympic Festival.  From 1996 to 2003 Ted worked as the Stable Manager and then as a Rider Trainer at Tempel Farms.  In 2004, Ted and his wife, Jenni, started a small private training Barn in Caledonia, WI.  Ted returned to Tempel Lipizzans in 2013 to help with training and performance preparation.

Trainer and Herd Manager Jeff LaDue

Former Breed/Herd Manager Jeff LaDue has resumed his prior position at Tempel Lipizzan Corporation. A native New Yorker, Jeff LaDue has a long history of training horses with a specific focus on driving training. Team driving is where Jeff excells. Next performance season will feature his return to driving a Lipizzan Team.

In addition to being our driving trainer, Jeff works as our herd manager keeping eyes and hands on our young horses and breeding stock.

Trainer Jessica Starck
Trainer Jessica Starck is a native Chicagoan and has earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver individual medals along with many other national, regional, and all-breed awards. The youngster of our training staff, Jessica has a passion for education and solid training years under her belt. She trained her mare Ultra Sonic from beginning to schooling Grand Prix. The pair have received National and All-Breeds awards and will be featured doing a an exciting and expressive solo freestyle in this summer's performance. 



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Working Student Intership Program

To keep with our educational mission, every year Tempel Lipizzans hosts several riders at various stages of dressage training into our Working Student program. The program partners each student with a trainer and the stable manager to learn about both riding and training as well as equine health and stable management.