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Tempel Lipizzan Breeding Program

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Tempel Lipizzans takes pride in breeding to the standards that were developed for Lipizzans at the time the breed was established. Now considered an endangered domestic breed, we take careful measures to preserve blood lines, correct conformation, temperament and trainability that is the noble stamp of this breed. We have regular visits from evaluators from the Lipizzan Internation Federation to continually assess the strength of our program.

Click here to learn more about Tempel Lipizzans' Heritage.


Tempel Lipizzans Sales

Each year, Tempel Lipizzans is proud to present several lovely, high quality horses for sale. These horses are excellent dressage prospects with the trainability and temperament to succeed up to the highest levels of dressage training. Traditionally, Lipizzans were also used for driving. Tempel Lipizzans also has a driving training program and we can advise on the best horses for this discipline.


Featured above: Acerra, 2009 Lipizzan mare, by Favory VI Brenna out of Aurelia II

Click here to see our current sales list. Videos are available upon request. Do understand that all pricing is subject to change with horses that are currently in training with our TLC Dressage Trainers. Please contact us to set up an appointment. info@tempellipizzans.com


One of the hallmarks of the Tempel Lipizzans is its careful breeding program that has worked to preserve the Lipizzan breed for almost 50 years. In 2014, we welcomed 2 colts Pluto Adelena and Neapolitano Filipana.


Lipizzans for Sale

The Tempel Lipizzans offers high quality horses for purchase. Here are just a few of our sale horses. Click here to see our current sales list and contact us to see a video or to set up a visit to Tempel Farms.

Isola 2008 Mare



Lipizzan Stallions at Stud

Here are just two of our three stallions standig at stud. Contact us to learn more.


Maestoso Legeny

2000 Stallion
Sire: Maestoso XI Capriola
Dam: Conversano XXIV-20
Height: hands

Highlights: Imported from Hungary in 2007.

Won the stallion approval in Hungary in 2006 with the highest score in the past eight years

Stud Fee $2,500

Favory VIII Bellana - Lipizzan Stallion at Stud

FavoryVIII Bellana TrotFavoryVIII Bellana - Piaffe

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Favory VIII Bellanna

1998 Stallion
Sire: Favory VI Brenna
Dam: Bellanna - Siglavy III Roxana
Height: 15.3 hands

Highlights: 2006-07 Tempel Lipizzan Summer Performance Solo Horse

  • 2004 Dressage at Devon: Champion Lipizzan, Second in FEI 6-year-old Class with 7.3
  • 2004 Qualified for FEI 6-year-old National Championships

Stud Fee $2,500